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" Adore " VR Avatar

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  • works great in full body! perfect for dancing or relaxing. ♡
  • toggle dissolves for bikini bottoms, shorts, donut floatie, floaties, glasses, lotion, lotion " splatter ", pasties, pawsicle, racoon ears & tail, shoes, visor, wrists, short & long hair.
  • radial for four different skin options with tan line versions of each.
  • headpat avatar dyn mechanic! her tail wags & she has hearts on her head.
  • dps version with a bunch of orifices.
  • phys bones in hair, ears, tail, chest, butt & shirt ties.
  • colliders where applicable.

body: pandaabear#9873
head: Cicieaaa#7777
base body texture: Ying#6669
eye & hair textures: wetcat#6969
visor: Hayweee#1999
icons: awmi#6003
rings: aika#6666
particles: Gemini#4086
wax: tori-nyan
necklace: parsley77
popsicle: Nuusa#9394
pasties: ђ๏ɭɭy#4868
glasses: CupcakeSprinkle#0566
everything else: ( short & long hair, bikini top & bottom, shorts, shoes, wrist cuffs, arm floaties, donut floatie, ears, tail, lotion bottle, visor texture by me, illume#2788. )

please have knowledge of unity when purchasing, this is a package you have to upload yourself. ♡
You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (159MB) file