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" Executive " VR Avatar

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  • works great in full body! perfect for dancing or relaxing. ♡
  • dissolve toggles for glasses,skirt, shirt, tassel pasties, shoes, panties & jacket in hand.
  • toggles to move the tie from around her neck into her hand / vice versa.
  • briefcase toggle with world constraint & a radial menu to open it! the briefcase has some little surprises inside as well. ♡
  • 3 different skin colors.
  • 3 different hair colors.
  • hue radial shift on the eyes to customize.
  • phys bones in hair, tie both in hand & around neck, chest, butt, tassles & jacket in hand.
  • colliders set up where applicable.

body: pandaabear#9873
body texture: zila#8266
head: sleepy#0707
hair textures: wetcat#6969
icons: awmi#6003
world constraint script: VRLABS
shirt, tie, hair, eye texture, glasses, skirt, panties, shoes, jacket, briefcase, necklace, pencil were made by illume#2788.

** this is an older avatar that has been updated from dynamic bones to phys bones, if you run into any issues, please let me know!

please have knowledge of unity when purchasing, this is a package you have to upload yourself. ♡

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (299MB) file