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" Jennie " The Genie VR Avatar + TPS

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  • works great in full body! perfect for dancing or relaxing. ♡
  • preset outfit parameters for default dress, pants outfit or none.
  • toggles for arm puffs, dress, dress front, top, pants, panties, shoes, heels, bodychain, bracelets / hand chains, earrings, nose piercings, hair pin & veil.
  • legs switch to a genie tail with the lamp at the end.
  • full body dissolve w/ particles that drops the lamp.
  • rug can be dropped or just turned on beneath your feet!
  • toggleable hand particles
  • three hair types, regular ponytail, shorter spikey bun or both combined.
  • 10 different hair mats, body / eye hue shift, hair emission radial.
  • chest & butt radial sliders.
  • eye poke contacts ( eyes close ), headpat ( slight smile ), noseboop ( surprised face )

red --- very poor

➜ 31MB DL / 139 MB texture memory

➜ 359k polys

➜ 18 skinned mesh renders

➜ 34 / 44 material slots dependent on version

➜ 15 physbone components

➜ 163 transforms

➜ 6 lights on TPS version only

THIS AVATAR REQUIRES POIYOMI PRO 8 FOR TPS & SHADERS TO WORK PROPERLY. ** differences may occur using other versions of poiyomi.

body, head: sugs#9795

eye texs, base head tex: Sivka#3788

heels mesh: アンナ (vapeQ)#1786

belly piercing: velvet#0888

earrings: crybaby#4308

necklace: venven#8641

bodychains: Aantara#1337

icons: awmi#6003

hair textures: wetcat#6969

particles: xxuebi

both hairs, veil, top, panties, pants, flat shoes, heel textures, bracelets, hair pin, leg accessory, dress, front skirt, rug, lantern, tail, nose piercings, arm puffs, body texture & face texture edits were by me, illume#2788.

toggle dissolves using vrc av3 creator by rafa here.

templates by justsleightly.

world constraint by vrlabs.

please have knowledge of unity when purchasing, this is a package you have to upload yourself. ♡

You will get the following files: