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> in collaboration with Krisandra#0777
they can be bought through a bundle in dms for 70$
  • works great in full body! perfect for dancing or relaxing. ♡
  • toggles for bucket hat, baseball hat, mask, bag, chest harness, tank top, jacket, pants, boxers, boots, wings, head wings/ears & tail.
  • hair swap from short to ponytail, hair mat radial, skin radial, eye hue radial.
  • animations for pulling mask & wings down.
  • contacts for kiss above the belt, scratch on the shoulder-blade, noseboop, headpat & both eyes close when someone else pokes them, all contacts toggleable.
  • robotic owl follower, can be grabbed.
  • phys bones in hair, wings, tail, harness, bag, chest & butt.
  • colliders where applicable.

red --- very poor
➜ 42.65 MB
➜ 326,045 polys
➜ 17 meshes
➜ 30 mats ( + 1 for DPS ver )
➜ 12 phys bone components
➜ 109 transforms
➜ 1 light ( DPS VER ONLY )

body: Misty#5555
head, hair texs, headcap: sugs#9795
short hair: Haka#8983
ponytail hair: Kittyz#6666
hair texs: Cicieaaa#7777
eye textures: Ryuohh#0001
icons: lexxxya#9752
owl mesh / setup: Hainz#5769 / hfcRed
bucket hat, baseball cap, mask, wings, bag, chest harness, pants, boxers, shirt, jacket, rings, head wings, tail, tattoos, owl texture, other textures / mesh edits by illume#2788.

please have knowledge of unity when purchasing, this is a package you have to upload yourself. ♡
You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (588MB) file