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This is the male of the couple, Slate from Slate & Ash, made in collaboration with Yuukitrap! You can buy Ash here separately or dm her at yuukitrap#9669 to buy them as a bundle for 70$
  • works great in full body! perfect for dancing or relaxing. ♡
  • phys bone system to allow you or someone else to grab your top, pants & boxers & pull them off.
  • tail wags when you pat his head!
  • contacts on his hip, neck & back for hip & neck kisses as well as back scratches via hands & head respectively.
  • ring on his ring finger that matches ash & when connected they glow with some particles!
  • reach left hand up to his head to make his glasses lower, as well as a glasses opacity slider.
  • four different skintones on a radial.
  • paddle that works with ash to leave a print on her butt cheek.
  • watch shows yours fps!
  • phys bones in ears, tail, chest & butt.
  • colliders where applicable.

head: pandaabear#9873
body: blossom#2332
shoes: nippnipp#0001
ears: Cupkake#6666
eye texture: mowster#9962
watch: suvy#0001
glasses: ceenstars#1111
rings: gashina#1960
piercings: ђ๏ɭɭy#4868
ring & bracelet: yuukitrap#9669
hair textures: wetcat#6969
particles: raivo#3447
tattoo alphas from Mohsen Mirzaei Rad used with commercial license.
heart particle sprites, hair, beret, necklaces, harness, shirt, pants, socks, tail, textures, earring, etc. by illume#2788.

please have knowledge of unity when purchasing, this is a package you have to upload yourself. ♡
You will get the following files:
  • TXT (715B)