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Terms of Service

By purchasing anything from my store you agree to the following:


  1. Commercial use is allowed only on complete avatars, do not resell on it's own. They are allowed to be used on VTUBERS but not allowed to be given out for free / used on free models. If you would like to use them on a public model, please contact me first for approval.
  2. The model must not cost less than the assets used. ( I.E, if the head is 20$, the avatar cannot cost less. )
  3. Assets may be used out of VR as long as the files are not accessible.
  4. You MUST credit me illumevr & link to my shop if using my assets, do not claim as your own.
  5. Do not buy my assets just to mimic my work. ( i,e. buying all of rebel's assets & remaking rebel to sell. )
  6. Do not mimic / copy my work in general. I'm aware people have similar ideas / concepts though, just message me if you think something might be too similar!
  7. Costumers may use this asset on a commission as long as both the commissioner and the commissionie have purchased the asset.
  8. Customers are not allowed to use my assets to create anything malicious.


  1. Avatars are only allowed to be used for personal use.
  2. Avatars are NOT allowed to be traded, resold, given out, regifted, uploaded publicly or taken for parts.
  3. You may not give out uploads. If a friend has purchased it & needs help uploading, that is okay as long as it is only used by the intended customer, deleted afterwards & I am informed.
  4. Avatars may be used for streaming / vtubing on a case by case basis depending on the tos of assets used. Please ask first.
  5. You may edit my avatars but they are still to be treated as my avatar in terms of tos, if you want to use assets off of them, please buy them separately. If it's an asset of mine, please message me first as I might be releasing it or it might be avatar exclusive!
  6. Do not make matching avatars to mine to sell, I do collabs with friends & those are the only exceptions.
  7. Do not use my avatars to create anything malicious.


  • Proper information is required at checkout for your license ( whether personal or commercial ) to be valid. * If you are gifting the avatar / asset, make sure to put their information in.
  • Sharing any contents in model packages or assets without permission is considered leaking.
  • Due to the digital nature of my products, all sales are final.
  • Terms apply to all past, current & future products.

If the above Terms of Service are broken you are subject to have DMCA action taken against you.

Please do not purchase my models / assets without unity / blender knowledge or a willing to learn it on your own. I unfortunately do not have the time to teach everyone, I learned everything I know from youtube / friends! For common problems, look at my FAQ --- if it is not answered there, then message me or create a ticket.