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Monster Feet Pack

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Commercial License for either the hooves, claw feet, reptile feet, paws, snake tail or all five for a discounted price.

Each one has several textures including pbr & the entire pack comes with the substance painter file for easy editing as well as a unity package with the material set ups.

They are all fitted / rigged to the female pandaabear base but could easily be transferred onto any base by simply transferring weights & lining up the verts.

You can also buy each of them separate for 7$ each, this does not include the substance painter file as they were all textured together but still includes the pbr textures + alternatives.

1 Mat, 1,295 Vertices / 2,548 Tris
Claw Feet:
1 Mat, 2,848 Vertices / 5,624 Tris
Reptile Feet:
1 Mat, 4,964 / 9,824 Tris
1 Mat, 7,132 Vertices / 13,808 Tris
Snake Tail:
NOT RIGGED TO FEET!! It's a genuine tail rigged with 15 bones.
1 mat, 2,741 Vertices / 5,434 Tris