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" Meya " Poison Dart Frog VR Avatar + TPS

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in collaboration with hungry & krisandra!

  • dissolve toggles for choker, arms, bodysuit, jacket, vest, pants, pasties, belts, panties, harness, lillypad backpack
  • toggle for shoes to go heels / boots / bare foot
  • toggle for mask that reacts with visemes when speaking
  • three hair options, default short, medium & long pigtails
  • hue shifting speed change
  • skin radial shift
  • toggle for turning off tattoos / mechanical textures
  • radial to make skin more shiny
  • radial for chest & butt to make bigger / smaller
  • toggle for stat halo & floating animation
  • long tongue button
  • toggleable fly around head
  • toggleable breathing
  • toggleable audio link
  • sub menu to turn off contacts
  • regular, tps version & sranipal eye tracking version.
  • contacts for headpat, noseboop, choke, eye pokes & tapping the glass of her waist will scare the frog & make him jump!

red --- very poor

➜ 34MB DL / 195 MB texture memory

➜ 319k polys

➜ 19 meshes

➜ 47 mats

➜ 21 physbone components

➜ 206 transforms

➜ 6 lights on TPS ver only

THIS AVATAR USES POIYOMI PRO 8.2 differences may occur using other versions of poiyomi.

body, head: sugs#9795

head tex, left eye: Mowster#9962

bangs on default hair, twin tails: Nessy!#7402

harness mesh: ничто#6666

heels: Kanna - rakastan sinua#9999

boots: Deimos#6533

bodysuit: Miriaaam#7537

rings, tongue: Eggly#6969

pasties, panties, belts: vampi#1911

mask: Lod#0741

necklace: Snitchie#6666

icons: Maddiiee#7341

hair textures: wetcat#6969

medium length hair, default hair excluding bangs, jacket, vest, backpack, pants, face accessories, frog eyes, frog terrarium + everything inside, tattoos+cyber textures, frog belly button piercing all by me, illume#2788.

photos by blazeytaco#6969

toggle dissolves using vrc av3 creator by rafa here.

templates by justsleightly.

world constraint by vrlabs.

please have knowledge of unity when purchasing, this is a package you have to upload yourself. ♡

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (268MB) file