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" Dahlia " VR Avatar + TPS

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  • works great in full body! perfect for dancing or relaxing. ♡
  • preset outfit parameters for regular, bodysuit, underwear & none ( with gravity on the chest. )
  • hair toggle from short to long.
  • radials for hair / ears / tail hue, options for black / white & blonde.
  • one eye & words on default shirt change color too.
  • toggles for ears, horns, choker, net top, tank top, wrist cuffs, bra, panties, pants, heels, thigh high heels, bodysuit, wings, tail, tail harness, legs harness, blindfold, rose gag & kneepads.
  • toggleable ghost follower that follows you & wiggles.
  • toggleable bat particles on both hands.
  • skin radial with four tones on decals for in-between shades.
  • tattoo texture toggle with hue shifting emissions.
  • chest & butt radial.
  • tank top shirt has six different designs on a radial.
  • contacts for headpat ( hearts, tail wag, ears move down, smile ), kiss ( blush, eyes close ), noseboop ( surprised face ), eye pokes ( eye closes ), tail pull ( ears back, puffed cheeks pout, angry emote )

red --- very poor

➜ 38MB DL / 135 MB texture memory

➜ 364k polys

➜ 23 skinned mesh renders

➜ 44 / 57 material slots dependent on version

➜ 23 physbone components

➜ 276 transforms

➜ 6 lights on TPS version only


body: sugs#9795

head, back hair: Saikura#0006

short hair / bangs: sina#3637

eye texs: ryuohh#0001

shirts, heel: nauuki#5353

thigh high boots: Gashina#1960

gag: kittennn#6660

wrist cuffs, blindfold: zeit#9150

tail: Jorgen#2328

harness: Renipuff#3700

ears: Nyakoh#6666

ghost: Sakuu#5434

follower system: Red#1832

hair textures: wetcat#6969 & Cicieaaa#7777

particles: xxuebi & Kisu☆#1000

kneepad mesh: -Mytho-#5904

tattoos: RiggaTony#0001

bra, underwear, pants, shirt textures, bodysuit, wings, horns, choker, belts, kneepad textures, icons by me, illume#2788.

toggle dissolves using vrc av3 creator by rafa here.

templates by justsleightly.

please have knowledge of unity when purchasing, this is a package you have to upload yourself. ♡

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (189MB) file