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" Zooella " VR Avatar ( OPTIMIZED )

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  • works in full body! perfect for relaxing or attending events. ♡
  • matches vrchat's new optimized standards!!
  • animal toggles switch ears / tail, hoodie & socks / slippers.
  • animal options are: dog, cat, bear, bunny, strawberry cow & frog.
  • customization options:
  • hair hue & saturation radials.
  • eyes have a hue radial.
  • metal can be switched from silver / gold.
  • radial for emission on hair / emission on tattoos.
  • skin tone has three presets.
  • radial for small to large chest, small to large butt & slimmer to thicker body build.
  • contacts for headpat ( tail wags on everything but frog ), noseboop ( surprise face, nose goes up ), kiss ( eyes close, lips pucker )
  • phys bones in chest, butt, bangs, ears / frog eyes & all tails.
  • medium version has toggles to turn off / on the contacts, gifs on the eyes & colliders.

green --- good

➜ 7MB DL / 32.44 MB texture memory

➜ 65k polys

➜ 1 skinned mesh renders

➜ 8 material slots

➜ 6 physbone components

➜ 36 transforms

yellow --- medium

➜ 23 MB DL / 99 MB texture memory

➜ 23 collision count

same as above otherwise.


body: sugs#9795

head: Sivka#3788

rings: TheIceDragonz#9360

necklace: venven#8641

hair textures: wetcat#6969 & nikkie#0088

eye & gif texs: Douji#1350

body tex: ying#6699

hair, hoodie, bralet, thigh highs, slippers, all six sets of tail / ears, face texture edit, menu icons & tattoos were all made by me, illume#2788.

contact toggles using vrc av3 creator by rafa here.

templates by justsleightly.

full tos can be found here:

by purchasing ANYTHING from my shop you agree to the terms linked above.

if you have any issues, please check my faq here & then contact me after.

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (117MB) file