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  • preset outfits: default, option two, dress outfit & none.
  • toggles for head wings, ears, backpack, top, 2nd top, sleeves, big sleeves, shorts, panties, garters, thigh highs, leg wraps, shoes, heels, vibe, gag & eyepatch.
  • skin radial for different tones.
  • hue shift radial for almost all the pink areas of the avatars.
  • three hair options, default split, short twin tails & fluffy hair with braids.
  • hair split color radials.
  • tail options for no tails, one tail, two tail or all three ( default )
  • 2nd top & flat shoes have options for different textures & they can be changed with the hue shift as well.
  • contacts for headpat ( smile, ears down ), tail grab ( angry ), noseboop ( mouth open ) & both eyes close when poked with fingers.
  • toggleable idle animation for head wings & ears.

red --- very poor

➜ 36MB DL / 146 MB texture memory

➜ 326k polys

 ➜ 25 meshes

➜ 48 mats

➜ 22 physbone components

➜ 171 transforms

THIS AVATAR USES POIYOMI PRO 8+ differences may occur using other versions of poiyomi.

body, head, flats: sugs#9795

head tex: chantel#0001

short hair, lashes: Nessy!#7402

shorts: Eggly#6969

jewelry: milkymutt#6666

necklace: seo - yeoaseo#1001

icons: Maddiiee#7341

ears: wetcat#6969

hair texs: nikkie#0088

tails: Nyakoh#6666

rose patch: villeneuve#8534

top: Saikura#0006

head wings: Schrodinger#2641

backpack: wen.3d

eye tex: Ryuohh#0001

vibe: Miriloo#8133

nipple piercings: AgentM#0247

split hair, fluffy hair, dress, big sleeves, small sleeves, cross top, thigh highs, garters, undies, spider web heels, bows, hair accessories, gag, texture on backpack & skin textures by me, illume#2788.

toggle dissolves using vrc av3 creator by rafa here.

templates by justsleightly.

please have knowledge of unity when purchasing, this is a package you have to upload yourself. ♡

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (366MB) file